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biscoff pb slice

These delicious raw slices of heaven are made using two of my favourite things - Biscoff spread and peanut butter! They are a match made in heaven and I use both of them in this delicious recipe. I use two layers of biscoff biscuits which adds a really nice but soft crunchy texture to the bars.



120g almond meal

30g maple syrup

65g peanut butter

+ 6 biscoff biscuits


20g coconut oil

70g peanut butter

10g maple syrup

+ 6 biscoff biscuits


3 tbsp biscoff spread, melted

  1. Combine base layer in a bowl and mix until sticky. Press into a lined loaf pan.

  2. Add a layer of biscoff biscuits and gently press then in to the base.

  3. Combine caramel layer and mix until smooth - I slightly heat up the ingredients together in a microwave. Pour on top of the biscuit layer.

  4. Add another layer of biscoff biscuits on top of the caramel. Freeze for 1 hour (or you can put it in the fridge overnight)

  5. Remove slice and cut into pieces. Melt the biscoff spread and drizzle over the top.

Store in a container in the fridge for up to 5 days.


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