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Bolivian pasteles

Can you believe it is Christmas time already? Where has 2020 gone??

To bring the year to and end and to celebrate I'll be sharing some recipes leading up to Christmas using my favourite vegan cheese - Sprout & Kernel.

Sprout & Kernel is a cashew cheese made locally in the Blue Mountains of NSW and it is absolutely delicious. If you're located in Australia make sure to give it a try, if you're not from Australia you can grab your favourite vegan cheese and give this recipe a try. Whether you're celebrating Christmas or not, these are incredibly tasty and will be a lovely treat over the holidays.

I've also made a video for this recipe so if you'd like to see a visual click here.


3 chia eggs (3 tbsp chia seeds + 9 tbsp water)

3 cups plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

2 tbsp vegan butter or margarine (I used nuttelex)

Sprout & Kernel cheese in chive

3/4 cups soy milk (or more if needed)

+ vegetable oil for frying

+ maple syrup for topping

+ icing sugar for topping

1️ In a bowl combine the chia seeds with water, mix and let it sit for 5 mins. It should then turn into a gel like consistency. Add the milk and mix together.

2️ In a large bowl sift the flour and then add the baking powder and salt. Add the sugar and melted nuttelex and mix together.

3️ Pour in the milk chia mixture and mix together to form a dough using your hands. If the dough is too try add a little extra milk or if too wet add a little extra flour. Form a ball and cover with a towel, let it rest for 15 mins.

4️ Roll the dough out into a log and cut into small sections. Working in sections roll out each section into a flat round shape, try to roll it quite thin. Place some of the sprout and kernel cheese on one side of each piece. Fold over and seal.

5️ Heat vegetable oil in a small pot - you know it’s hot enough when a wooden skewer touching the bottom will make it bubble. Carefully place each pastele in the oil and cook until golden. Remove, drain any excess oil and place on a paper lined with paper towels.

To serve, drizzle with maple syrup and sprinkle with icing sugar. Enjoy!

Save any leftover dough, roll it in a ball and wrap in cling wrap. You can freeze this for later use or put it in the fridge for a few days.

To find a Sprout & Kernel stockist near you click here.


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