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bounty bars

I have always been a huge fan of bounty bars since I was a kid, making a vegan version of them is so easy and they are absolutely delicious. I used an ice cube tray to make these mini bite sized bars but you can also set these in a container and cut them into bars. You only need a few ingredients to make these and you can use your favourite nut butter - I used cashew butter.


Makes approx. 12 bite sized bars (or 6 large size)

120g shredded coconut

30g cashew butter

45g maple syrup

5g vanilla extract

15g soy milk

+ dark chocolate for coating

1️ In a blender combine the shredded coconut with cashew butter, maple syrup, vanilla and soy milk. Mix until blended and sticks together.

2️ I used an ice cube tray but you can also use a small container & cut into bars. Press the mixture in to the tray or container and press it in further with your hands.

3️ Set in the freezer for approx 4 hours or you can leave it overnight.

4️ Melt the dark chocolate, stir and let it cool for a minute or two. Dip each bar in the melted chocolate. Place them down on a piece of baking paper to set. They will set very quickly. Transfer to a container and store in the fridge for up to 5 days.



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