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smashed potato with pesto

This combo has been widely shared on instagram and tiktok lately and being the pesto addict that I am, I know I had to give it a try myself. Pesto goes so well with anything but with potato it is just magical. I make these in my air fryer and they are so delicious. They make for a great snack, entree or side dish and you can use any store bought pesto or make your own. You can find a recipe for pesto here.

You can also make them in your oven of course but if you do own an air fryer, give it a try in that. You won't be disappointed.


Baby potatoes (you can use as much as you like depending on how many serves you want)

1 tbsp olive oil for brushing

Seasoning - I used S&P, paprika, turmeric, Italian herbs and vegan parmesan

Pesto for topping

  1. Start by boiling the baby potatoes in a pot of water until they are tender - about 20 mins.

  2. Once the potatoes are tender, place them either on a lined baking tray or inside your air fryer, I lined mine with paper so they wouldn't get stuck to the bottom.

  3. Use a glass or a mug and safely and gently press down on each potato to flatten them, don't press too hard as you want them to still somewhat stay together.

  4. Brush with the oil and sprinkle with seasoning. Bake at 180 degrees C for about 15 mins until they are golden and crispy. Once baked, transfer to a serving dish and spoon pesto on top of each.



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