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Enjoy delicious vegan food that is also gluten free and coeliac friendly? YES YOU CAN!

This feast comes from Yes You Can and they have an entire range of vegan and gluten free baking mixes which have reduced sugar and are low in sodium. They use natural and real ingredients, all products are dairy and egg free and a great source of fibre.

Their egg replacer is made with brown rice protein and organic chia, I used the egg replacer in making these baked goodies and they all turned out amazing. Not only are they EASY to bake with but they require minimal ingredients.

I tried the:

· Chocolate & Orange cake mix

· Apple & cinnamon muffin mix

· Raspberry & Coconut Bread mix

· Vegan protein burger mix

The vegan burger mix is a high in protein and fibre and was super easy & quick to make, I simply added water and let it sit for 10 mins. Then I shaped into patties and cooked in a pan until golden. Perfect in a burger with some fresh tahini, yum!

You can now get 20% off their vegan range by entering promo code “VEGANBYEDEN” at the checkout. Head to Yes You Can for more info!

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